Penland School of Crafts

I spent the summer of 2013 as a Community Collaborations Intern at Penland School of Crafts in Penland, North Carolina. I worked one on one with the children's instructors, assisting them when necessary and I provided them with adequate classroom management. As part of the community outreach program, I worked with severl at-risk youth from the county's 4-H program. We organized a plan to beautify the 4-H garden through tile mosaic stepping stones and ceramic garden objects. The teens were introduced to Penland's campus, examples of tile mosaic murals, and the processes of creating tile mosaics.  

Outreach with Mesa Arts Center
During the Spring of 2013, I spent several months assisting in the outreach department at the Mesa Arts Center. I designed and coordinated several community projects such as a Sewing Mural for the Celebrate Mesa Festival, volunteered with the Day of the Dead Festival, and assisted with the kids craft table during the Spark event. For the Creativity Festival I helped facilitate the creation of recycled instruments; cereal box guitars, coffee can drums, and water bottles as maracas.  
Hat Cloud
As a class through Arizona State University, the Art and Community students organized an engaging project to connect the citizens of Phoenix. We worked with local artist Mathew Moore and London based artist Clare Patey during their event called Feast on The Street in April, 2013.  


Professor Gregory Sale organized the class to 

focus on engaging practices through socially dynamic art methodologies. We explored art/life practice, relational aesthetics, community-based projects, and other critical theories and conventions that engage art and community.


Feast on the Street transformed a half mile long strech of urban road in downtown Phoenix into a sociallication of community through food. Local and naurtal food trucks provided residents with education on gardening and seed carts encouraged people to grow their own food. 


Our Hat Cloud project focused on socially engaged art and through a series of "games" we encouraged citizens to wear a service hat and participate in engagement with strangers. By providing people with hats, we created an aesthetic mass of floating hats above the feast.  




Free Arts


For several months in the spring on 2013, I volunteered with Free Arts of Arizona as a mentor. I developed weekly art lessons and taught an hour long class to elementary aged children in a homless and domestic violence shelter.  ​

Anderson Ranch


In the summer of 2012, I spent three months as the youth ceramics intern at Anderson Ranch in Snowmass, Colorado. I assisted various teachers during the children's workshops and instructed several clay sessions. As a team, the interns provided adequate support for the sessions' instructors. During the weekends, we supported the community through arts activities with a variety of free festivles in Aspen.

Phoenix Art Museum


During the Spring of 2012, I spent four months interning with the school and family programming department of the museum. I developed family art activities during "Kid Days", created historical and artistic scavenger hunts as well as assisted with a variety of events. I spent time in a public school assisting with the museum's educational outreach and helped design criteria for the youth gallery application. 

Willow Springs Mural Project

In the summer of 2014, I organized a two week program for seven teenage girls to construct a large mural at a girl scout camp in northern Arizona. This project was in conjunction with my Master thesis for Arizona State University in art education. As part of the project, I created slide shows, presented demonstrations, planned field trips, and helped facilate the construction of the mural. The participants designed, created, and completed the six foot by four foot mural within two weeks. To view the slide show check out my online presentation here. I guided them through the process and recorded the results. My thesis focused on leadership development throughout a collaborative mural. To view the results of the study check out my Prezi here  The image represents the past Yavapai Native American girl standing back to back with the current American Girl Scout. The team researched the history of the area and visited large murals in Prescott, AZ.  

Arcosanti ​

I currently manage ceramic bell production at Arcosanti in the Arizona high desert. We slip cast the bells using plaster moulds and silt. Silt casting is a form of earthcasting where slip is poured directly into sand.

Check out Arcosanti's website here. 

While working at Arcosanti, I took an old electric kiln and converted it into a raku kiln. We fired many community members' pieces.

Potter's For Peace


 In Feburary 2016 I spent two weeks exploring the pottery communities of Nicarargua. I became immersed in the Potter's for Peace cause during the brigade program, which is to help developing communities have easy access to clean water for consumption. The comunities are given a chance to make their very own ceramic water filters. In addition to learning about the water filter process, we had an opportunity to explore the Nica country side and watch traditional processes firsthand. Our group helped a family build a wood kiln with moarter mix from mud and cow dung. We visited with the women potters of Loma Pand who travel a mile down a mountain side to fetch water everyday and stayed with a master stone carver who trained us to carve on soap stone. We even had an oppotunity to teach the traditional potters skills and techniques from the first world.  


Check out the Potter's for Peace website here 

Potter's For Peace


I received an opportunity to travel to China and make work at the porcelain capitol of the world. I hired local artisans to make and cast molds for me and fired work in the public kilns. I spent four weeks making work at the residency program and had an opportunity to visit pottery factories and rice fields.  

Jingdezhen, China Residency 
Managua NGO hostel