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2021 Sublime Illusion

Lighing by Jordan Lindquist
Porcelain, LED Lights, Metal, Wood, Vinyl, DMX Lightning, Eos Software, Playtronica Sensor


An interactive installation of ceramic work combined with lighting and sensors addressing a systematic link between interspecies communication and awe inspiring moments in nature. Using dream states of unconsciousness as a metaphor, the work builds a striking aesthetic of nature’s self-organizing properties. The repetitive translucent porcelain spheres throughout the installation represent ambiguous biological life forms leading to a tall sculpture suggesting organic growth. Interaction with the forms cause a wave of light to fill the dark space revealing a root system pattern hidden under the porcelain. This project reflects on the ways in which root systems in nature create semiotic forms of intelligent communication, passing information from one species to the next. The forms and the light create a pathway for viewers to walk through. Utilizing a hybrid of organic elements, the forms are somewhat detectible, but not quite decipherable. The scene I have created provides viewers with a metaphor for awe inspiring moments found in nature as way to rethink fundamental forms of communication in the natural environment.

Sublime Illusion Aimee 3.jpg
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